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Welcome to It’s Just Wrestling

Welcome to It’s Just Wrestling, your new favorite… or 10th favorite pro wrestling site. Here you’ll find the biggest news in WWE, AEW, and much more. In addition to written recaps of big shows, there’s also a YouTube channel and podcast, which will provide even more coverage.

The goal of this site is simple: rather than offer up sensationalized nonsense with an agenda, we’ll provide analysis of the biggest stories in the pro wrestling world.

As a fan, you might agree with some of what’s written and said on the show. Other times, you might find yourself in diametric opposition to what’s being said. That’s fine, too. Having an opinion is more than welcome here. While others in your life might try to tell you, “It’s just wrestling,” it’s more than that to millions, including you.

Ultimately, my hope is you’ll enjoy the content and keep coming back for some level-headed analysis with the occasional hot take for some much-needed balance.

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